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The new SIROCCO was born after two years of research and unique design, in which many changes, developments and configurations have been tested, ., with true patience and no hurries, until we eventually managed to create the sail we really wanted. It was not easy. The easy thing was designing and building a sail that would work. The difficulty has been in the designing and building of that sail.
That one we wanted: The SIROCCO
What sensations will you experience? A powerful sail, whose power delivery is progressive and fast and a sail with the widest wind range. It literally "eats" the wind gusts, and becomes extremely maneuverable in your hands.
Perfect for harsh, challenging winds as the levante in Tarifa, in whose spots they have been tested and developed. All this becomes maximum comfort, less effort and more hours in the water.
A high performance sailing conditions for which it was conceived: waves

With a sharp profile with no excesses, a slightly advanced center of effort for easy maneuverability and control together with a reduced-length boom , the SIROCCO is an authentic all-terrain, that excels in the most extreme conditions. The transition from different materials and panels increases comfort and smooth handling.
Essential in a real wave sail, we didn't hesitate to use every needed reinforcements and materials for maximum durability and resistance, prioritizing their disposal so you don't have to feel its weight but feel a light sail in your hands.
Built entirely in X-PLY, Reinforcing elements and Kevlar specific reinforcements on the sail:, pvc, and rubber at every point that is exposed to continued and extreme use in wave sailing, without forgetting the necessary protection the sail need when it is on the ground or sand, which is more vulnerable to abrassion and being worn out by friction. 




Any doubt? Contact us at or contact page, and we will solve your doubts in 24 h.