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For the SSS Team, contributors and testers are of great importance. They are windsurfers who collaborate with the brand, and are updated on all the new developments, helping create the "SSS Galaxy"

We would also like to invite all users sailing, already now and in the future, with their new SSS sails, to send us photos or videos of their sessions to be uploaded here, together with details on the spot and other info they might want to add, so we can all enjoy their sessions too. This section is open to all, and it will grow and enrichen with all the contributions..


Julian Mayoral (Magnum)Something about mePhotos
Specialized in: Freeride, wave y raceboard

I was born in Ferrol, in 1968, and I was lucky to discover windsurfing during a summer I spent in Fuerteventura in 1988. Since then I'm hooked on this sport. I like everything about surfing the waves, strong wind, freeride sailing with friends, and participate in trips or long distance races.

Favorite Spot: Esmelle beaches and Doniños, in Spring and Summer, with its turquoise waters and the wind coming from the right: the, Northeast wind. Ideal conditions: northeast 15 to 20 knots and waves of one to three meters. Using wave boards of 87 and 105 liters, with sails of 5.0 and 5.7m, freeride board of 129 liters, and a 7.0m slalom sail , Also, a Raceboard board with a 8.5m sail

Besides, I have a blog about windsurff,, and I have the website / blog Windsurfing Club Ferrol,
Objectives: Running the DefiWind 2012!, organize (and participate in) new “Windsurfing Circuit Rias Altas”, and above all continue to enjoy windsurfing as much as possible..

Jose Angel Orgambides Something about mePhotos
Specialized in: Freeride y wave

I was born in 19 84 in Bornos, gate for the Sierra of Cádiz, close to a large lake bathing the whitewashed town..

My start in this great sport goes back to 2004 when I saw a few friends sailing in the lake. That day I decided that I also wanted to feel that feeling they passed on me. So, I started that summer and in no time I was one more in the group..

My favorite spot is definitely the lake in my town, this is, Lake Bornos, where we enjoy good winds both from the east and west, as well as that surrounding serenity there., And of course I just need to look out of the window and see the sailing conditions to decide whether they are ideal ones. It's amazing to sail in my town and surrounded by that great scenery of mountains.

I also love Valdevaqueros (Tarifa).

All my boards have been Fanatic. They are usually comfortable boards that also feel easy,However, I have sails of different brands for both freeride and for wave conditions.

Well, when conditions are not good for sailing, I usually ride my mountain bike across the tracks , or I may go running or work out at the gym or just play racquetball with friends. Also, I often go trekking to enjoy nature.

I have a webpage on windsurfing in Bornos. Find the link here: