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Welcome to SSS.


SSS was born from the passion for windsurfing. This project has been forged to live that passion at the highest level. From 2010 up to our days, a lot of people have contributed their effort to make this real. Thanks to them, we got where we are today. We want to thank them all!.

And this is only the "tip of the iceberg", coming to the lights in 2012 .. The new wave sails Sirocco, landmark and representative of an unlimited range of developments and researches done with only windsurfing in mind. Without barriers and prejudices that impose limitations or rules, with the efficiency and practicity as a target and after two years of evolution, calculations and tests…

Just wind and waves will prove we are right.


If you are looking for materials adapted to the real sailing needs, power demand, stability, resistance, maneuverability, response, lightness, durability…then you are looking for an SSS. If you look aesthetics with an expiration date, the latest fashions or two feet of material that shoots the price of the sail without any technical or real justification in the water, designs that come and go…we can do it, but we don't want to.


What is SSS? Living windsurfing.

And more practically, two windsurfers who put ideas together, who knew how to be close and who love people who are passionate lovers of this sport and lifestyle, to be tied to a team, and listen and appreciate their worth in each of the comments and contributions to any windsurfer wants to offer. From the most experienced to the early beginner, we all have something to contribute. We need you all. SSS is the evolution of an initial idea that is fed by and for windsurfers.

Our goal: Living windsurfing, browsing and developing quality material and high performance at a fair price. Now it's your turn to confirm this!.


Thanks everyone!.


José Antonio Stew I. Perez (Chano)