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Four years after the original concept of the Sirocco, the renewal of the model involves numerous changes and improvements.

The change of materials and a laminated of the highest quality and performance mean the real revolution in the Sirocco sail. The resistance and durability demanded in a waves sail have been exponentially increased.

Laminating has been applied and chosen in strategic areas in order to absorb the high loads demanded to the sail in all circumstances, thus being also able to transmit a light feel to the whole set. More resistant materials have been used in the lower third of the sail, the area exposed to more demanding conditions and occasional strokes.

The luff area has been reinforced as well to bear the steady static charge that suffers the sail in all that area.

A reduced X-ply window provides with visibility. This window is likewise crossed by tension lines working as a support area, to reduce loss of shape and to prevent damage in potential adverse circumstances.

The central area of the sail is composed of Pentax laminated acting as the center and support of this area exposed to different tensions.

The leech area, so damaged by the wind, is formed by a light laminated very resistant to the fluctuation in this area of the sail, The great lightness of this laminated allows for lowering the gravity center of the whole set.

With all this we keep the original design under the circumstances required for a waves sail, with a low specific weight giving the whole sail a lightness and an outstanding resistance to use and wear.

Specific reinforcements have been placed all over the sail in the key areas: abrasion-resistant rubber on the outhaul, high-resistance material on the mast cover and saber tops, long-meter tensors to prevent sand and particles from obstructing the sabers with time, abrasion-resistant protectors at the foot and top, straps with a break load (carga de rotura) much higher than required in areas like the outhaul, top and foot pulley…

Without unnecessary ornamentation, the color and design are provided with the same laminated used, so they stand out and result in high visibility of the sail on the water.


Two years since the former model allow for some time for evolution.

Keeping the main features and personality of the original model, with a profile slightly moved forward and a low-sail center, we have worked and changed certain features to be able to gain comfort and performance, two concepts that must go together.

The luff curve has been modified. With a moderate increase of the tack tension over the former model, we have transformed these changes into a superior stability, one of the most outstanding features of the sail. Added to this high level of stability is at the same time a slightly-softened delivery of power, without losing the sail character, Together with the increased comfort and the improved twist of the whole sail, there is a feeling of a high level of comfort , that means more maneuverability and control. This is essential in a waves sail.

The five sabers specifically designed for the Sirocco stand and keep the profile.

Further, these become an element of the sail, since the sabers covers have been eliminated and these are integrated in the main panels of the sail, Giving a perfect symmetry to the whole sail and forming the main structure of the sail itself instead of being externally attached.



Following the way opened in 2013 2013 by the Alize, the Sirocco has been also entirely designed, tested and manufactured in Spain. 100×100. Every material used, are manufactured and / or distributed by Spanish and European companies.
This has involved a great change in the production system over its predecessor. The target: a compromise enabling us to offer the highest quality and the most demanding standards of fabrication and material.
The renewal of the model brought notable improvements, And this fact, among other features, adds an additional differentiation.

Additionally, satisfaction to state that actively contribute to the development and activity of our immediate environment.


Further, as the system permits it, we are located halfway between mass production and custom, what gives us the

chance to offer a more personalized treatment if possible, This is an extra-value and our symbol of identity for which we strive to overcome day after day.

An easy example would be the system used in some areas, grommets, round rigs or head boards can be used on that area as you may need or prefer. An adjustment in the height of the boom, the orientation of the pulleys...

Almost each sail is made for each customer.

This leads us to delivery periods: deadline to deliver each Sirocco sail is within 1 month, in case the size or color, or due to one specific change, the sail is not manufactured or in stock, Deadlines are usually shortened. Likewise, this allows us to be in continuous evolution , and be able to offer the best product at any time , and not to be subject to calendars and fashions, and with full flexibility.

We have made the range of the Sirocco sails wider with new sizes , that have been added with a total of 12 12 sizes, adapting the model and tuning particular needs for each customer.



The design of the Sirocco is based on the curve of our own masts, within the so-called Constant Curve, and is compatible with most market masts.


We recommend to use reduced diameter masts (RDM).