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In the process of creation, research and development, SSS studies and examines the different developments over the years and given the passage of time in the world of sailing, and, as a result, this is applied to windsurf. In this small revolution, there is a real progression and there is also a derived ornamentation and paraphernalia, that results from the trading system established, as in any other area or sector. We try to find and apply convenience and efficiency. Likewise, develop and test unique concepts that may or may not end up seeing the light, in part or as a whole, whether material or intangibly, in our products. Innovation and Evolution.

Some features that can be seen in the sails (depending on model)…

Breaks-prevent Design
The panels design and their arrangement has been planned to minimize breaks. A catapult, harness hook ... At any time we are exposed to situations that can cause a hole in the sail. Sometimes, it can be a large one across the entire sail, which would result in a more than difficult situation if it happens away from the shore. The design of the panels is arranged to prevent this, especially in ​​the boom area,thus minimizing this risk and acting as a prevention on specific breaks that may become a threaten in circumstances of emergency sailing.
Double stitching
Together with the distribution of the design, zonas determinadas en la vela (según modelos) están constituidas por una doble costura. As well as acting as a prevention against possible breaks on the sail, it helps disperse the tension in the binding sites, minimizing the effort. Another advantage is that it prevents formation of wrinkles and it helps keep the profile of the sail.
Weight distribution
Materiales más reforzados en el contorno del outline y zona inferior de la vela, with a lighter area in the middle, which gives the sail a lighter weight and a lighter feel.
Triple pole
The triple pulley minimizes the effort required when the sail trim.  
Puño de escota
(Según modelos) The lower position: increases the twist of the sail, providing output to gusts in windy conditions, and then improving control. Es la opción natural y recomendada para la original Sirocco. In addition, its special configuration does reduce the boom between 2 and 4 cm, resulting in higher maneuverability and control. The higher position: lowers the center of gravity and the we close the sail . It's just an option for personal preferences. Maximum acceleration, nerve and quick delivery, and absolute power. Literally speaking, two sails in one.

Siguiendo nuestra filosofía de personalización, según vela y modelo el sistema de escota es variable, estando constituido por anilla, ollao o tablilla

Mast reinforcements
One of the sail areas more exposed to waste is the one close to the boom area, we force this area when trimming the sail. Cloth reinforcement overlap on the x-ply sail to protect the sail from continued use wearing.
Enrollador y protector de pie
Protectores de mástil adecuados y resistentes.

An elastic band has been added on the mast protector area for easy rolling and to help store the sail after sailing.

Reinforced PVC
Un refuerzo de goma/plástico recorre el perfil inferior de la vela para prevenir desgaste y rotos por el roce continuado de esta sección con la tabla como consecuencia del uso. Likewise, refuerzos de pvc (según modelo) se sitúa a ambos lados sobre el sable inferior con el mismo fin, this also prevents wearing caused by constant friction when the sail is left on the beach or on asphalt.


Diferentes tipos de laminados de la más alta calidad son usados para conseguir la combinación perfecta entre peso y resistencia.


Reduced Boom Length
Cutting the sail boom lenght adds agility and control, candle making more compact and improving the profile.

Superposición de paños
Determinadas zonas de una vela como la escota están expuestas a cargas específicas que conllevan soluciones específicas. Así, la superposición de paneles principales ayuda a disipar y soportar estas cargas, junto a los refuerzos específicos.

Sables Integrados

La clasica funda de sables es eliminada, estando éstos integrados en la vela entre los mismos paños que la forman. Como consecuencia, se logra una perfecta simetría de ambos lados de la vela, actuando las fuerzas de empuje por igual en las dos caras, y aligerando el peso global del conjunto.

Los sables pasan de ser una parte externa y adosada a la vela a formar parte integrada al conjunto

(según modelos)

Aramid Reinforcement
Un refuerzo de aramida (según modelo)  recorre la baluma para asegurar el outline y evitar estiramientos.

Batten Reinforcements
Diferentes refuerzos (según modelos) al final de los sables previenen rozaduras y desgaste de esta zona especialmente expuesta.

Trimming / untrimming help
Añadidos específicos (según modelos) ayudan a facilitar el montaje y desmontaje de la vela antes y después de navegar. The sail sleeve is forced to keep open, so facilitating mast insertion, clew eyelet in the top, strap on the mast foot ...


Clew eyelet in the mast protector
A detail that facilitates the passage of lines to the mast foot (según modelo).

Digital Design
In the world of windsurfing, information technology also plays a role. The calculation and design programs allow us the top precision, and move from paper to fabric with absolute accuracy.
Concept Art
Line design is created after combining the performance study with hundreds of sketches, to find the optimal solution.
Tension is Distributed Evenly
Dacron along the luff, added to the specific design of the x-ply in this critical area, help disperse and dissipate tensions and ensure the stability profile. Reinforcements and different combinations are distributed on the surface of the sail to maximize the effect.