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An important part of the SSS team is its Riders. The first guys to test the prototypes, we test and make changes thanks to their experience and feedback as a basis, to tune up and get the sail we really target.


 Specialized in: Surf (Wave)

I was born in Amposta, Province of Tarragona,
I'm tied to windsurf from the 14 years is when I started with my first steps.
I love this sport, long as the work and the wind will let me go to enjoy the sea and the waves.

I have many favorite spots, I have no one that I like over others, each has its special touch, I can name each: Playa de la Marquesa and Riumar beach in the Ebro delta, Genoese beach in Almeria , Calblanque beach in Murcia etc.
I use my own tables, built by myself.

The candles I use are from 3'7 to 5'2

Other hobbies I have are constructing tables. Surfing,  SUP, snowboard, btt, I love seeing the motorcycle, etc.…