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The sail without cambers for freeride / slalom ...
... Or how to get a strong and light sail to run without limits or complications.

In Alize, all materials are carefully chosen. Polyester radial fibers are studied and selected for efficient weight to strength ratio, to meet the hightest loads of the sail, and prevent deformations. Further, the oriented x-ply adds strength in different load angles for greatest stability.
Black coating increases fiber properties against UV. Moreover, the outline of the sail is delimited by laminating Pentex, ... The Pentex is a fiber with a higher modulus than polyester, with reduced stretching around a 30-40%. This ensures reliable performance.
Likewise, use materials with the highest quality of market lamination techniques.

We do not use monofilm. The visibility of the window is provided for an x-ply reinforced, crossed by a pentex reinforcement , while it serves to secure the profile,as well as firewall against undesired breakages.

All the sail has specific reinforcements, and the area of ​​tension that runs along the luff is reinforced from the foot to top on both sides with polyester, also providing the color to set, giving a practical design.

A luff sleeve with high quality and durability, sustains the life of one of the most affected parts on sails usually.

The mast foot design makes possibly the most comfortable foot protector of the market when it comes to trim and to rig the sail.


Lower weight with greater efficiency in the performance of the sail.

Durability and maintenance of the original shape.

Longevity of the sail in good conditions.
A completely reinforced sail: Resistance to continued use.



The profile, and the studied luff curve, and a low center of effort, ensure the acceleration and top speed, and a light sail in hands and ability to maneuver.

The configuration of battens, added to the laminates used, ensure the profile and stability.

7 battens (2/3 tubular central) are used in all available sizes.

With a progressive and highly configurable twist from the foot, the wind range is greatly extended, from light winds to more hard conditions.


Production / Manufacturing

Alize is designed, tested and manufactured in Spain. 100×100. Every material used, are manufactured and / or distributed by Spanish and European companies.
This has meant a large change in the production system. The target: a compromise enabling us to offer the highest quality and the most demanding standards of fabrication and material.
We did not want one more sail in the market, and this adds a further clear differentiation from the rest.

Additionally, satisfaction to state that actively contribute to the development and activity of our immediate environment.


Further, as the system permits it, we are located halfway between mass production and custom, what gives us the ability to give a more personalized relationship to each customer if it´s possible, This is an extra-value and our symbol of identity for which we strive to overcome day after day.

An easy example would, and having Alize in all models a top fixed, to modify to Variotop this point on one particular needing. An adjustment in the height of the boom, a color…

Almost each sail is made for each customer.

This leads us to delivery periods: the term given for delivery of each order is 1 month, in case the size or color, or due to one specific change, the sail is not manufactured or in stock, This term can generally decrease. Likewise, this allows us to be in continuous evolution , and be able to offer the best product at any time , and not to be subject to calendars and fashions.









Alize design is based on our own mast curve, within the named Contant Curve, and is compatible with most market masts.

We recommend to use reduced diameter masts (RDM) as first choice, being equally compatible the standard diameter masts (SDM).



Alize is available in different colors