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Speed Session con Alize

Posted by Team SSS Windsurf April - 23 - 2012 Comments Off

The last day 20/04/2012 we had the chance to test the speed of the Alize sail. The day started with wind that was too light for 7,6 but it gradually blew stronger and stronger, with enough pressure for longer rides and to score better GPS numbers in each new ride.

After several trimming tests of the equipment, and a few attempts, Antonio was able to reach the score of 32.4 kn, and eventually I managed to beat him, not without a great effort, scoring 32.9 kn.

Really good numbers for a sail that is not under the race or speed category, as it is a freeride sail.

Watch several rides in the short video below while we were warming up and trying some changes in the trimming.


The spot is Santibañez, Cadiz. It typically works fine with W and E, and although there is some choppy, sailing is usually comfortable and easy . This particular day, water was a little flatter than usual.

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