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Alize 20/03/2012 – Santibañez (Caños de Meca, Cadiz)

Posted by Team SSS Windsurf March - 21 - 2012 Comments Off

We continue with more testings of new freeride: ALIZE

Yesterday we had a spectacular bath in the ALIZE Santibañez 6,9 and a Isonic 105. The sea very flat ideal for running, but the wind began to rise and we set sail in a position to go much past. Stand still perfectly, with a tremendous tight angles and a top speed negligible. Pending are using the GPS and try it with other similar sails in the water.

In the photos and video, we see a local rider “Marcus” well known in the area, I contain material, testing the candle and table. Although not its material, and bring the ends to “my way” commented the stable and fast to be clearly felt in spite of past.

We leave you also a short video of a past that gave Marcus:


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