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Prologue: ALIZE

Posted by Team SSS Windsurf May - 24 - 2013 Comments Off

As a prelude to the upcoming launch of the new model ALIZE, SSS´s freeride/slalom sail, a little reminder of its conception and development.




Working years have elapsed since the initial conception of the sail, so has evolved over time to reach the final design.

From the initial approach to the first sketches, development, changes, more sketches, prototypes, testing, modifications, more tests, more prototypes, etc.…up to our days.

It is a new model and an old acquaintance. A very evolved and studied design.

First sketches…There were hundreds. Evolution


Prototyping and testing, and early 2012

More tests…

Competing with protos in local leagues with very good results, in this time, April 2012, podium in third place…

Testing solitary days to remember…

Picking opinions and ideas of different riders…

And even a couple of amateur videos…

Last settings, color experiments and some detail…



Until today. A beautiful and meticulous process that has just begun.


Summarizing: Design and got a good sailing initially able to compete in today's market, but we didn´t want to stay in the middle of all.. No one more sail. We wanted to evolve to better, without hurry or calendars, we think we've got.

On the road, changes in the production processes, that generated high maneuverability, constant improvement and evolution, a jump in manufacturing outside China to Spanish, allowing us to bring the highest quality standards and review processes, and control to detail and working practices and models otherwise impossible, customized solutions suited to model, and use of specific materials with the highest quality lamination available on the sailcloth market, used, tested and suitable even far more demanding maritime disciplines of windsurfing.

And we will not tire of repeating, because we see it as a high value-added:

Alize: Designed, tested and manufactured in Spain. 100×100. All materials and products used in this model pass through the hands of Spanish companies, and / or are manufactured in Spain or the European Community.

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